The ITWST Shelf is an experimental online space collecting various outputs, books, and ideas that we would like to share. All profits made will go directly back into creating new forms. At this point, we are only able to accept paypal but please keep in mind that we are more than open to discuss potential trades and/or other types of exchange instead of money. To request an item simply send us an email with "itwst shelf" in the subject.
ITWST Shelf は私達が共有したいアイデアや本、様々なアウトプットを集めていく実験的なオンラインスペースです。この場で得た収益はそのまま新しいプロジェクトやモノづくりへと還元されます。PayPalでの支払いが可能ですが、お金ではなく物々交換も随時受け付けていますので、遠慮なく "itwst shelf" までご連絡ください。

You and Me and the Mountain (2017)
210x148mm, red and blue riso print, 20 pages + A3 poster.
A booklet and poster collecting work and ideas from our
residency at the Nishiaizu International Art Village.
$6.00 / ¥600 + shipping

TITWSTACS Issues 1 — 3 (2017)
257x182mm, 80 pages.
The ITWST Arbitrary Comic Series is a split comic
with each of us drawing half of one issue.
$15.00 / ¥1500 + shipping

forty-seven four-leaf clovers from hidejisan (2017)
178x111mm, green riso print, 112 pages. Edition of 47 (with clover).
Inspired by a kind gesture and an even kinder man, this book chronicles
our meeting and subsequent friendship with Hidejisan.
$18.00 / ¥1800 + shipping

Nichibotsu Koen (2016)
210x148mm, 10 pages.
A graphic poem for the various locations and
their sunsets that we’ve experienced from 2014 to 2016.
$5.00 / ¥500 + shipping

I Think We're Still Thinking Cat Shirt (2016)
White long sleeve shirt with black print.
$15.00 / ¥1500 + shipping (sold out for now)

120x110mm, color, 82 pages.
A compilation of drawings from Momoe’s sketchbook that
were made while traveling between New York, Belgium, and Japan.
$8.00 / ¥800 + shipping (sold out for now)

Paper Assemblage I (2016)
203x133mm, 370 pages.
A collection of 365 collages, one for each day of the year,
made by William throughout 2015.
$10.00 / ¥1000 + shipping (sold out for now)

Useful Objects For The Future (2015)
210x148mm, 72 pages.
The result of a 3-month residency we did in Kortrijk,
Belgium exploring the practicality and/or wastefulness of 3D printing.
$10.00 / ¥1000 + shipping

Patch Patch (2015)
Set of three homographic patches.
$5.00 / ¥500 + shipping

McHaiku (2015)
229x152mm, color, 32 pages.
Poems inspired by the local foot traffic outside
a Mcdonalds on 14th and 6th ave in NYC.
$6.00 / ¥600 + shipping

Neko Graphics 365 (2015)
178x111mm, color, 768 pages.
A collection of daily doodles for one year
from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015. (blog)
$15.00 / ¥1500 + shipping (sold out for now)